30 Things To Know About The News

F99E6DF3-FB27-4461-B566-8EFB9AEC7C6ECollecting ideas for posts to help people better understand, use and share “the news” responsibly…

Some starters:

  • What makes a story newsworthy?
  • Who gets quoted, and why / how?
  • What makes someone an expert?
  • What’s the difference between news and opinion?
  • How does advertising interact with news?
  • What is a credible source?
  • What are the rules for attribution?
  • What does “off the record” mean?
  • What is “background”?
  • How do statistics and surveys impact the news?
  • Who or what sets the agenda for news providers?
  • How does the news affect opinion?
  • Why are some products reviewed and others ignored?
  • What makes a scientific study newsworthy?
  • How is risk communicated in the news?
  • Who is qualified to report news?
  • What makes a “healthy” news diet?
  • How does social media affect the news and what we see?
  • How is news content paid for?
  • What is an influencer?
  • Why do we seek news?
  • How do our opinions affect our choice of news?
  • What kinds of news formats are mostly likely to change or reinforce our opinions?
  • What are the rules regarding slanderous or libellous news?
  • What is fake news?
  • How is the news checked for accuracy?
  • What rules govern health or medical news?
  • What must companies disclose and when about their financial performance?
  • What information must governments provide?
  • What is investigative news?

What else?

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